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3 day Vitality-Alchemy

Heal deep wounds, expand your consciousness, and start living your life in a state of wholeness. Meet the power of plant and fungi medicines over 3 days and 3 ceremonies. Learn the terrain of your inner consciousness and prime the body, mind, and soul with a cannabis breath work ceremony. You will then feel more empowered with practices to enhance the potency of your psilocybin journey. The final day we will utilize the power of cannabis to assist the integration of the abundance of content that is brought forward during the prior ceremonies. The fullness of this experience is unmatched. 

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Psychedelic Therapy

Sacred mushrooms offer deep healing and exploration of your consciousness to lead you to your deeper truth and true essence in this lifetime. The state of Colorado has made psilocybin (and several other entheogenic medicines) decriminalized for personal use. I offer guidance and support on your journey of self-exploration and movement towards wholeness. 

You may experience:

  • Experiences of intense love and bliss

  • Releasing suppressed emotions

  • Deep, profound forgiveness of self and others

  • Revisiting beautiful memories

  • Healing old traumas stuck in the body

  • Feeling the support of an open-hearted and vulnerable community

  • Releasing old patterns and destructive thoughts

  • Confronting areas of rumination and fear with confidence.

  • Processing traumatic experiences with a new perspective.

  • Learning somatic tools, daily rituals and healing modalities that will assist you in continuing the journey towards a healing path


Please reach out for a consult and we can discuss options and investment.


Cannabis Assisted Breathwork

Cannabis is synergistic with breathwork, making the breathwork practice easier while allowing for somatic trauma release and exploration of the holotropic space. This is offered as 1:1 and group sessions as well. 


1:1 sessions are typically 4 hours and involve personal guidance  into the terrain of your consciousness.

$400 per session. (Sliding Scale available upon request)

Group Conscious Cannabis Ceremonies are 4 hours. 

 $75 per person

See events page for upcoming in-person and online scheduled ceremonies. If you have a group of 4 or more, private group ceremonies are available to schedule. Please email me to discuss further.


Cannabis Assisted Psychedelic Therapy

After your initial vitalist assessment and plan, we will engage in a series of 1:1 or group cannabis psychedelic sessions, depending on your unique story. This practice is synergistic with the vitalism theory of working with the intelligence of your body and allowing space and time for your body to do what it knows how to do - HEAL. This deeply somatic experience will enhance your vitality and progress on your healing journey. 


1:1 sessions are typically 4 hours and involve personal guidance into the terrain of your consciousness and a personal herbal energetic formula to enhance the experience. Pricing -$400 per session. (Sliding Scale available upon request)


Group Conscious Cannabis Ceremonies are 4 hours 

$75 per person

See events page for upcoming in-person and online scheduled ceremonies. If you have a group of 4 or more, we can schedule a private ceremony.

Vitalist Herbal Session

The introductory session will include an in-depth intake process that includes a complete assessment of you; your lifestyle, emotional well-being, spiritual well-being, and nutritional status. Together we will devise a therapeutic plan that is realistic for where you are in your healing journey. This plan typically includes nutritional recommendations, lifestyle changes, and herbal concoctions specifically formulated to support your unique body. The first session is typically 1.5 -2 hours. Follow-up sessions are an hour or less and recommended every 2-3 weeks. A sliding scale is available for those who need it. Please send me an email to discuss further. I would really like for this to be accessible to all. 


Pricing $100/hr

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