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How can Vitalism help you?


It ALL starts here. Without healthy digestion and a healthy gut, your vitality will suffer. An unhealthy gut can manifest in many ways, including; fatigue, bloating, constipation, heartburn, headaches/migraines, achy joints, brain fog, insufficient immune response, anxiety/depression, and potentially leading to some autoimmune disorders. 


Most every cell in your body contains an energy producing center, called mitochondria. When your mitochondria aren't being provided the nutrition they need, they function poorly, and that may express as fatigue.

Depression and Anxiety

Gut health is hugely responsible for our mental health. By focusing on a healthy gut and a healthy microbiome, anxiety and depression symptoms can be reduced significantly, if not eliminated.

Women's Health

You don't have to experience discomfort during your cycle. Whether it's painful cramps, PMS, or the challenges of menopause, Vitalism can help to alleviate the symptoms. By using nutrition and plant medicine, we can drastically change your experience during these times.  

Immune Health

There are many reasons why your immune system may not be functioning at it's best. I can help strengthen and support your immune with herbs and nutrition and get you feeling strong and vital.

Autoimmune disorders

Ongoing research on the gut microbiome has been showing that many autoimmune disorders are related to dysbiosis. Let's work on your gut health together.

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