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Underworld - Part II: Sweet Cannabis

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Ancient Greek philosophers considered the ability to “know thyself” as the pinnacle of humanity. What does know thyself actually mean? We all know what our favorite kind of food is, or how we like to spend our free time but to know thyself is getting to the core of who we really are and why we are here in this lifetime. We are complex creatures with what feels like a bazillion layers to peel back to really understand what makes us tick. I would agree with those brilliant Greek philosophers that pondered life so beautifully. Our journey is to REMEMBER the essence of who we are. Who we are before the cultural conditioning, the programmed belief systems, the walls we have built to protect us from hurt. What is our essence and how can we shine it in this world?

As toddlers, we begin to ask many questions, thirsty for understanding the world around us. As we develop into adolescence, we begin to understand others and our role in relationships. If we desire, we begin the journey of self-awareness. Self-awareness is how clearly we see our own values, passions, aspirations, how we fit with our environment, reactions, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, strengths, weaknesses, and the impact we have on others. This journey takes grit as we open our eyes and our minds to our subconscious ways, as this path can often be uncomfortable.

But if it’s so challenging, why choose this way of living? Why not continue to live in our conditioned patterns and just “be happy?” Just as it is important in adolescence to begin to understand the complexities of emotion and relationship, it is of even greater importance to understand ourselves so that we may heal our wounds and cultivate our gifts. In doing so, we attempt to avoid passing these traumas to our children. As we evolve through self-awareness, we help to evolve our future and heal the past. THIS! This is why we choose this path because, on the other side, there is freedom and a kinder, more empathetic world to live in.

So…maybe you have gotten this far and are asking yourself, “What does all this have to do with Cannabis?” During the dark time period where I felt my life had literally fallen apart, I decided to take advantage of the time that had suddenly opened up by being unable to work, and pursue training and become credentialed as a Cannabis Assisted Psychedelic Guide. I know what you are thinking….I thought the same thing. “Cannabis??? Weed? Psychedelic journeys with weed? No way.” I am here to tell you….WAY! And you know what's so beautiful about cannabis? She's gentle, she’s legal, and she wants to help us evolve. She has been used in medicine and ceremony around the world for thousands of years. She is such a special plant medicine with her cannabinoids and our cannabinoid receptors in the entire body. Coincidence? I think not.

What a blessing, in what felt to be a curse, to experience this medicine and acquire training that feels in line with my purpose in this lifetime. Cannabis has helped guide me through a dark time. She held my hand while I felt the big stuff and in the process of feeling these sometimes overwhelming emotions, I began to release them. When all I wanted was for someone to tell me what to do, as I lost trust in my inner guidance, she helped me remember that I hold the wisdom within. Cannabis reminded me that there is an indescribable amount of love around us at all times and all we have to do is “tap into it”. I have an immense amount of gratitude for Sweet Mary Jane, for journeying in an intentional way with her in this chrysalis stage of my life. As I continue my healing, I desire to help others heal. As I grow closer to wholeness, I want to guide others toward that as well. Towards freedom, towards a better world.

I will be writing more about cannabis and the healing she offers in the coming weeks, but if you just can’t wait to hear how I will be offering this, just reach out. I want to talk about this. Cannabis has been maligned and misunderstood for far too long. It’s time for us to adjust our belief system around plant (and fungi) medicines and how we have evolved with them by being able to journey into our consciousness. It is our birthright. Huzahhhhh!

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