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Love Your Wounds

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Astrology holds many gifts. It can bring awareness to our deeper truths while helping to make sense out of what can seem like chaos. It sheds light on the different archetypes that are a part of our personal nature. Chiron is an asteroid that revolves around the sun and is an archetype that lies in every human. I find this one to be particularly important to understand.

The Archetype

In Greek myth, Chiron is half-horse, half-man whose mother abandons him in repugnance. The wound of rejection becomes his primal wound. Apollo the god of the sun and light adopts Chiron and teaches him prophecy and poetry. Chiron is then able to integrate his animal nature and instinctual nature and becomes a greatly revered teacher. If Chiron was not abandoned by his mother and inflicted this primal wound, he would not have become the respected healer and teacher he was. This initial rejection, his initial wounding is precisely what made him so special.

Our Chiron wound is the initial wounding that drives our behaviors. This can remain subconscious, but when accepted and integrated, our wounding can be a great catalyst for growth and expansion. True healing is to reconcile what we once thought was 'unacceptable' and use it as our greatest gift. The gift is INSIDE the wound.

What's Your Primal Wound?

It's very easy for us to 'forget' our wounding... distract ourselves or bury it. Several years ago my partner asked me what my 'primal wound' was. My immediate response was, "I don't have one!" I paused and laughed at myself. Wow.... here I was touting self-awareness yet I remained blind to the power in dredging up "old shit." This simple question commenced my important journey to truly knowing myself and understanding my greatest strengths. I hope to continue growing and understanding myself until the day I die.

Healing happens on many levels. Without healing on an emotional level, our growth becomes stunted. Stuck emotional energy can manifest as physical illness. In order to heal on a physical level, we must KNOW ourselves. This is the journey. We must be willing to dredge up the settled silt. Dig in!

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