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Silky Smooth Coffee Substitute

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I love coffee, but what I love more than coffee is the ritual behind it. I can sit for an hour sipping coffee, reading and writing. It's not so much the caffeine that I desire, but the moment to sit and enjoy my morning. Sometimes I want to experience my body without the caffeine, and this has been a savior when I'm cutting coffee out for a period of time. This blend is formulated to contain that rich and earthy flavor that we all love about coffee, while adding a touch of sweetness, and also happens to be good for the gut. The eleuthero helps support our energy in a healthy way, whereas caffeine can sometimes contribute to anxiety. Seriously good stuff!

10 oz. package

Ingredients: (100% organic) Roasted chicory root, cinnamon chips, roasted dandelion root, eleuthero, star anise, chaga mushroom, and cacao nibs.

5oz package

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