Sacral Sauce - Lubricant + CBD

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Have you ever looked at the ingredients of your personal lubricant? It's GROSS! You want me to put that where??? Did you know that your vagina is made up of mucus membranes that are extremely absorbent? Did you know that you have a precious balance of microbes that create harmony and prevent overgrowth and imbalance of unwanted microbes? Most of these lubricants are formulated for glide but don't take into consideration the harm they do to the skin and precious biome! If you won't eat it, don't put it on your huha!

This personal lubricant has been formulated to promote blood-flow and increase sensitivity in your sexy bits. Ingredients include: organic MCT oil, organic olive oil, locally, organically, and sustainably grown hemp flower, damiana, kava, skullcap, lavender, schisandra, cinnamon, and rosemary extract.

This is sold as a 2 oz bottle. Get your sexy on!

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