Motherwort Tincture

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Motherwort is a superpower plant medicine! Motherwort has been used traditionally for dysmenorrhea (scanty period flow), cramps, and as a general uterine tonic. She moves fluid (blood) to your uterus, thus helping with a stagnant flow and brownish appearing blood which can cause a crampy period. This tonic effect also helps with some of the not so desired parts of the most beautiful and important time of menopause, like hot flashes and vaginal dryness. Motherwort is also an excellent nervine - calms the nervous system like a mother cradling her child to sleep. She's also well-known as a cardiac tonic. Her latin name is Leonardus cardiaca. Because of her calming effect on the nervous system, she can also calm the palpitations caused by a dysregulated nervous system. ***Caution*** DO NOT USE if you may be pregnant, motherwort is a powerful emmenagogue. Meaning, it could cause a miscarriage.

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