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Preparation Videos

Preparing Your Cannabis

Cannabis Preparations and Devices

For this practice, I recommend vaping or smoking whole organic flower. The rapid onset of action allows you to titrate your dosing appropriately in the moment to maximize the psychedelic nature of your experience. I highly recommend a PAX vaporizer as you can vape whole flower in order to receive the entire constituent profile, while much less caustic to your lungs. Cannabis oil vape pens are acceptable as well if that's what is on hand however, whole flower seems to provide the best experience. If you desire to ingest an edible, take into consideration the onset of action and the duration of your "high," and be familiar with your dose and brand so there are no surprises. 

Making Your Personal Ceremonial Blend

To make a journey blend, you will want to blend a third of each sativa leaning, indica leaning, and a balanced hybrid. You generally want the THC percentage to be above 18-25%, although not necessary. Grind it up finely (I use a mortar and pestle), mix it up, and viola - you now have your personal journey blend that you can partake in anytime. (If you don't have the ability to do this, no worries. One strain can still take you very deep!) Some things to pay attention to when going to a dispensary: many growers are using chemicals and pesticides and we really don't want to introduce this into our beautiful bodies. It's a good practice to inquire how they grow and what pesticides they use and don't use. I also recommend using your sense of smell to pick the strain. If it smells good to you, it's your body's way of saying YES! You can get creative here as you have more experience and start to make 9-12 strain blends (2 or 3 of each category). Don't forget to write the names of the strains down in case you found the headiest and spaciest blend yet!

Optional Supplements 

The following are supplements to enhance your experience but are by no means required to have a profound and transformational experience. 

CBNThis is a cannabinoid that has been found to be a sedative and helps with sleep, but because it relaxes the body so deeply, it allows for a vast exploration of your consciousness. There are 2 ways to take this cannabinoid: You can reach out to Medicinal Mindfulness here to buy a bottle of nano-encapsulated CBN spray that absorbs sublingually within minutes, or you can age an indica by putting some flower in a glass jar in the sun and waiting for it to turn brownish - you can add some of this to your blend.

CBD - When taken after taking the medicine, CBD can soften and relax the experience (perhaps quieting the mind or relaxing the body just slightly) without hindering the psychedelic effects. In large quantities, it can also serve as an antidote to a negative or overwhelming experience. Do not take it before taking the medicine, however, as CBD taken before THC will inhibit the body’s uptake of THC. Medicinal Mindfulness also sells this as a nano-encapsulated spray for rapid onset, or you can use a CBD vape pen. Tinctures and oils may take too long to be of benefit in a scenario when needed.

(If we are in person, both CBN and CBD will be available)

Herbal Tinctures - As an herbalist, I love fusing this work with the energy of various plant medicines. One of my favorites to include is ROSE to drop you into your heart space and feel the unconditional love of the universe. CHAMOMILE tincture allows for a softening of edges while exploring heavier content. HOLY BASIL is another favorite nervine that has the energetics of higher frequencies found in the holotropic space. Get creative! What are some of your favorite herbs? What plant energy do you want to invite into your soul? 

Preparing Your Space

If we meet remotely, take the following steps to prepare your space:

  • Comfortable place to lie down where you will be undisturbed and have space to move around (involuntary movement is a sign of a powerful journey and we want you to be able to allow that easefully and safely).

  • Blanket, eye mask, comfortable clothing, and good quality headphones with a microphone function so we can communicate during the journey. The music is a key element of the experience, so if you have the option for headphones with good sound quality, that is ideal.

  • Take any steps you would like to set the energy of your space in a good way! i.e. Clean, organize, smudge with sage or other purifying elements, pray, dim the lights, light a candle (just make sure it is a safe distance from you and won’t accidentally be knocked over), etc.

  • Optional items: journal, power object, water or tea

Preparing Your Mind, Body, and Soul

This is experience is not just "smoking weed on a Sunday". Cannabis has the ability to reach the depths of your soul, bring incredible innovation and creativity, and bring awareness to your shadow self while traveling through the cosmos. The more you treat it as such, the more transformation can occur. Here are some recommendations for maximum journey experience!

  • Eating light

  • Fasting from cannabis for at least a few days, but longer if possible

  • Walking in nature

  • Yoga, stretching, light exercise, massages, etc.

  • Meditation

  • Spaciousness on your calendar a day or two after the journey so that you may be present with what comes up and integrate the content into your 3D life

  • Sit in some quiet contemplation to reflect on your intention: What brings you here today? What is present for you? What shadows are ready to be released? How can you make space for new growth in these upcoming months? See below for links to the integration and intention setting worksheet.

                                        Integration and Intention Setting Worksheet

See you SOON!!!!

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